Dalua Reluce a sustainable brand - Dalua Reluce una marca sostenible

Who is Dalua?

Finally I decide to write you here, to form a blog that can help me show you everything about Dalua, my own sustainable brand. In case you still don’t know who I am (my name is Blanca Carbonell, by the way) and what Dalua Reluce is, I leave you some words that I hope will clarify the way of life that I promote with the brand.

It’s been a few years now that I’ve been walking with Dalua from one country to another, with my backpack on my back and with which I’ve grown a lot in different ways. Adventures, crossbreeding, sustainability and conscious people are key to the brand’s philosophy. That’s why I’ve chosen this photograph that takes us to Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, a very important part of this whole story.

Dalua was born from the need to give shape to creativity, reuse clothes, reinvent them, give a bit of color and freshness to Denim garments. It is a path that never ends since the inspiration comes from many places when you are on the move and the need to recover already worn garments is increasing for a more balanced world.

Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Spain have been the biggest “culprits” of all this and I say it with total gratitude to the experiences lived and the organic transformation that the brand has had… that I have had, because to talk about Dalua Reluce is to talk about me. Since I was a little girl, fusion, recycling and the exploration of my being and my environment have been key elements in leading a life in my own way.

A Sustainable brand

The main material used in Dalua’s reused garments is the famous denim, a historical and current garment that also occupies a safe place in our wardrobe. To give it a more personal and colorful touch these garments are merged and guarded with traditional textiles from the countries already mentioned. Countries where I have lived and experienced life. The cultural and artistic value of these textiles (which are also reused) of such importance in the history of mankind is inconceivable. Textiles that are gradually disappearing and require care and protection by those who appreciate them.

Dalua garments have a lot of history behind them, to which we give a second life so that they can travel around the world. A clear example of sustainable fashion, upcycling and reuse of materials. Each garment is unique and original. And they can be as personalized as you want.

Would you like to open your eyes to new adventures? If so, I’ll be waiting for you here. I’d love to meet you and find out which places have opened your mind.

See you next time.