In Dalua we like adventures, miscegenation and fun people. We bet on the fusion of cultures and respect for our appreciated environment. That is why we use Denim garments and mix them with typical textiles from Guatemala, Mexico and Spain.

  Garments with a lot of history behind that we give them a second life to travel around the world.

Upcycling and sustainable fashion that transcends borders and breaks schemes. All this respecting our environment as well as traditions and ancient cultures.


Blanca Carbonell

Blanca Carbonell

Founder of Dalua Reluce. I come from Alcoy (Alicante), Spain, although as a free little bird I have flown through several nests in different impressive places that have contributed a lot to my personal and professional growth. One of them is San Cristobal de las Casas where creativity flows in every corner of the city and where you can clearly see the fusion of cultures that nourishes Dalua Reluce. Who knows where the next place to fly will be, what is clear is that the popular and textile culture of Spain, Guatemala and Mexico has marked my path a lot.